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Outback 2011: Warialda: Commercial Hotel

And so the 2011 Outback trip comes to an end. Our last day sees a long drive from Miles in Queensland, back to Armidale, NSW. This image is of the Commercial Hotel in Warialda. Lunch was had in this small town.

According to Wikipedia, a peculiarity of Warialda is that “some of the locals also earn a dollar or two hunting wild pigs, which are exported, mainly to Germany, where there are demands for wild boar which are not present in the Australian market”.

Outback 2011: Miles: Wide load

We’re on the way home and heading to Miles (pop. 1200) for the night. The trip becomes severely slowed down when we have to follow this wide load for some tens of kilometres. [I think they said it was 8m (26ft) wide].