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Pippin at the Gara River

It’s late Spring. The mornings can still be a little chilly but it warms up quickly. The overnight temperature dropped to 3.4°C (38°F) a few days ago, but daytime maxima currently reach into the low 30°C (90°F ).

Longer morning walks with the dogs are a daily occurrence – until it becomes too hot 🙂 It’s an 11 km (7 mile) round trip from home to the Gara River and back along local gravel roads. Here’s Pippin, our youngest Border Collie, enjoying the view (some ducks).

The Kingfisher

A kingfisher, probably a member of the tree kingfisher family, spent some time sitting on a branch on a tree outside the house. It used that spot as its base from which to hunt insects. I, of course, took up this opportunity and managed to obtain some decent photographs of it.