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Dark and misty woodland

The woodland is still soaking wet from the storm a few days ago and thus looks very dark – and misty.

The small tree or shrub in the left-hand-side foreground is a Dogwood (Jacksonia scoparia). It’s a member of the pea family (Fabaceae) and is full of small yellow flowers in the late Spring.

After the hail storm

We had a decent storm a few days ago. Lots of thunder and lightning, hail, and rain. I measured 45 mm (1.8 inches) in the rain gauge the next day. The temperature dropped from 35°C (95°F) to 17°C (63°F) in a 70 minute period.

This photograph is of one of our dams overflowing given the volume of water that ran off into watercourses. All three dams on the property, and the household water tanks, are now full.