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About this site

lookANDsee is the outlet for my photography – such as it is to date. I’m recording those images I see around me, whether to record an event, to create “art” (whatever that might turn out to be), or just for the practice, to increase my skills level. And I’m sure that an image I think “masterful” one day, will be viewed by me with disdain the next.

Much of the content will be a journal of life in rural Australia.

About me – Gordon Smith

I live 20 km (13 miles) east of Armidale in the New England region of New South Wales.

Professionally, before retiring in 2016, I worked in the IT department at the University of New England and had done so since 1980 except for a 2 year stint at the University of Sydney (1997/98).

I was born and raised in Aberdeen, Scotland. Prior to leaving for Australia in 1980, I worked at Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology (now the Robert Gordon University) in Aberdeen.

I live on a 40 hectare (100 acre) property with my partner Bronwyn, and our two Border Collies, Skye and Pippin. For this reason much of my photography is influenced by the local flora and fauna, and by the landscapes around me as I walk through the countryside. There’s nothing remotely “urban” about the area in which I live.

About my part of Australia

Armidale sits at an altitude of 1000m (3300 ft) above sea level on the Northern Tablelands and is about 130 km (80 miles) inland from the Pacific Ocean.

Armidale’s major business is based on education by virtue of the University of New England and three private schools PLC, NEGS, and TAS.

Armidale is also a regional hub to support the local agricultural industry, the latter being based on wool (especially fine wool) and sheep.

Armidale is a town (or city by virtue of its cathedrals) of some 23,000 people. It sits just off the New England Highway thus sees much of the traffic and tourists using that north/south route between Brisbane and Sydney.