Confluence of Darling and Murray Rivers

A quick 12-day, 4000 km (2500 mile) round trip to northern Victoria saw us visit many rural towns whose economies seem to be quite healthy when compared to many in rural New South Wales.

This photograph is of the confluence of two of Australia’s major rivers – the Darling (left of centre), and the Murray (right of centre).

The Murray is around 2400 km (1500 miles) in length, and the Darling travels 1500 km (950 miles) before joining the Murray here as shown in the photograph at Wentworth, on the New South Wales side of the Victoria / New South Wales border.

6 thoughts on “Confluence of Darling and Murray Rivers

  1. Judith

    No change in color? Same kind of water? Hm. Well, I guess that’s nice, or not. I know nothing about river convergences. But it does make a lovely photo.

    1. gordon Post author

      No, agreed, nothing remarkable to see here other than to mark that this is the place where the two major rivers meet.

    1. gordon Post author

      I wonder what they’d look like today if the vast majority of the water hadn’t already been pumped out for irrigation purposes over all of the several hundred kilometres upstream.

  2. Judith

    Well, it’s actually kind of calm and comforting in a way to see them meeting with a great to-do, or it was til I read your last comment. But it does suggest that the landscape is not being depleted on one side or the other….which might happen if they were left alone. Or not. I suppose we’d have to go back more than 100 years in either Australia or Texas to see rivers that hadn’t been altered significantly by people far upstream.


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