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The Kingfisher

A kingfisher, probably a member of the tree kingfisher family, spent some time sitting on a branch on a tree outside the house. It used that spot as its base from which to hunt insects. I, of course, took up this opportunity and managed to obtain some decent photographs of it.

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  1. Louise Kelly says:

    That’s a Collared Kingfisher you have there.
    “The collared kingfisher is 22 to 29 cm (8.7 to 11.4 in) long and weighs 51 to 90 g (1.8 to 3.2 oz). It varies from blue to green above while the underparts can be white or buff. There is a white collar around the neck, giving the birds its name. Some races have a white or buff stripe over the eye while others have a white spot between the eye and bill. There may be a black stripe through the eye. The large bill is black with a pale yellow base to the lower mandible.” from Wikipedia

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