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Smoke haze

[I’m now back on the air. After nearly three weeks my Macintosh has been returned after undergoing a repair which should have taken two or three days. I’m not impressed to say the least].

There were several bush fires in this area earlier in the summer season. Here we have a smoke haze adding some atmosphere to the view looking south from the centre of the University of New England main campus across Dumaresq Creek to the university’s residential campus where 2,100 students live during term time.


  1. Joan says:

    This actually looks like a work of art, not something scary like bush fire. The mountains missed out again this season as we were quite cool during the big hot. It will be a big one when we do burn again.

  2. Joy says:

    The smokes leaves quite a artistic impression on the trees colours. I hope the fires have settled down now. You can have some of our rain 🙂

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