Armidale: Dumaresq Creek in flood

Dumaresq Creek runs west-to-east through the centre of Armidale and bisects the city (North Hill versus South Hill). On several occasions this past year it’s been in flood. This means that many north-south running roads are closed to traffic – thus causing traffic hold-ups (well, as much as one can have a traffic hold up in Armidale).

[A traffic jam in Armidale is where you might find two or three other vehicles stopped in front of you at a road junction].

The view here, on Dangar Street near Kirkwood Street, is of the creek the day after the height of the flood.

2 thoughts on “Armidale: Dumaresq Creek in flood

  1. Judith

    I would like very much to see some little floods like this around here. Still drought time. But it looks as if things have been going well there. Not TOO much.


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