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Heavy horses on show

There’s a small but active group of people around Armidale who keep heavy horses and demonstrate their skills and strength. It’s a great way to give the younger generations awareness of “how it used to be”.

There was a mix of Clydesdale, Shire and Percheron horses in action at the field day.


  1. Keith says:

    Great to see a group like this in Armidale, I had no idea it existed. Thank you for publicising this.
    If only we could attract some of these people to our 18th century Living History group, also in Armidale!
    Thanks again.
    Regards, Keith.
    New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760.
    Armidale NSW.
    PS. I will post this link on my blog.

  2. Joan says:

    What beautiful animals. When I was a kid in the country there was still an old farmer using horses like this for ploughing.

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