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On the corner

A dull Sunday afternoon in Uralla. I don’t know the name of this hotel, and it doesn’t help itself much by not having prominent signage.


  1. Jon Burne says:

    I am not sure anyone but the licensee knows the “official” name. Everyone in Uralla just calls it “The Bottom Pub”. This differentiates it from the only other hotel in Uralla known as, yes, you guessed it, “The Top Pub”. That hotel is slightly higher up the hill on the same side of the street probably adjacent to where this photo was taken from.

  2. Joan says:

    How interesting, the Toohey’s New sign usually has the name of the hotel on it … they clearly don’t want it named. I wonder if it is a secret Royal.

  3. Joan says:

    I thought I would do some sleuthing in case it was a Royal. According to the gdaypubs website the names of the pubs in Uralla are Thunderbolt’s Hotel (The Bottom Pub) and Coachwood & Cedar Hotel Motel (The Top Pub)

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