Candid depth

Another grey, drizzly, afternoon – a prelude to the storm – and a photograph with many tales. The Eucalypt bark against which I’m holding the iPhone is but inches away from the plastic lens, and is in focus. That same tree is favoured by koalas and thus, in turn, itself is photographed. The deciduous trees behind know their calendar and, on cue with the end of Summer, their leaves begin to turn, soon to drop. The lawn below in memory of the green brought to us by virtue of a wet Summer. The slim wooden sculpture of a woman whose face is turned towards me. The glazed Italian bricks of the IT Building mirror the mood of the sky above. Looming above all, at top right, the crown of a Hillgrove Gum. Oh yes, and my office window close to the sky.

3 thoughts on “Candid depth

  1. Judith

    Very good post! A fine photo, and meaningful text to accompany. Sometimes words don’t add, but these do. Well done.

  2. Judith

    Oh dear. I didn’t mean to imply that your previous text hadn’t been meaningful. Surely you know what I mean!


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