3 thoughts on “Strawberry lover

    1. gordon Post author

      Hi Richard. Yes, that’d be right. It’s not un-common to find frogs in watering can spouts too 🙂 I note your weather may have warmed up again (slightly). Maybe not a white Christmas after all?

  1. Richard Watson

    Frog up the spout?! I thought it was just spiders Gordon!!

    We still have snow on the ground and lots of ice. Minus 6 centigrade here again last night and at 11.30am it has climbed to the dizzy heights of to minus 2.4C so I have lit an open fire in lounge to help the central heating out! My sister in law from Perth, WA has been staying with us and found it a little cold. She is currently touring Europe with her son, and there is plenty of snow over there as well.

    At least when I heard the score for the first day’s play at the MCG warmed me up a little bit. When I heard that England were 0 – 150 I thought, “that’s not bad but there must have been a lot of rain”. It was a few more minutes before they gave the Australian 1st innings score, he he.

    Seasons Greetings anyway to you and all the viewers of your great site.


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