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Bellingen: Hospital

There’s currently a campaign underway to prevent the hospital at Bellingen from losing rural health services.

I’d not seen the hospital at Bellingen before now, it’s a little way from the centre of town, not on the main thoroughfare.

My initial thoughts were of a place that “grow’d like topsy”. “Temporary” ATCO structures everywhere. Even the main entrance looks (to me) like an out-of-the-way alley.

Jim Belshaw, a commentator on all matters relating to New England, has blogged on this issue recently.


  1. Thanks for the mention. The hospital did not look like this till NCAHS got to it. There are some fine old shots on the FB page. The Community feeling about it remains. Yrs SBH.

    • alison carter says:

      Agree with Lynne – It is such a maze now with bits built on bits. Nothing like the old building of my training days with main hospital as one, maternity another, and residences, stores etc up the pathway. Even the personal feel has gone. Of necessity, the security blocking off openness at 9pm creates a change.

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