Administrivia: lack of updates; no internet access

Ah technology, it’s great when it works.

Our home internet router failed a few days ago. On Monday we were advised that a replacement would be with us within three business days. So, now that that information is four days old, I’m sure that today will be the day that the new device will be with us.

While a mobile phone is great for casual ‘net access, it’s not exactly a useful tool to post photographs to this blog with.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as … the largest carrier in Australia get’s around to it. Sometime. Maybe.

To keep you occupied, here’s an interesting trivia piece on disk drives that relates to the old Computer Room photograph that was posted a few days ago.

1 thought on “Administrivia: lack of updates; no internet access

  1. Richard

    Hope that you get up and running again quickly Gordon.

    Snowed here in sunny Suffolk, UK again this morning. It has been a really long miserable winter, the coldest for a long while. But unusually for cold winters a serious of depressions rather than high pressure areas have been around.


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