From the Archive: The line printer

A large piece of clunky metal formed the Line Printer. Made by, or for, Digital Equipment Corporation, this line printer (a rotating-drum printer) could spit out large numbers of fan-fold pages of 132 columns by 66 lines each minute. I can’t remember the model number but is was something like an LP25 – a 600 line per minute printer. I seem to remember that the auto-reversing ribbons could get a bit messy by the time they needed to be replaced.

This piece of printing technology from 25 years ago (although its originals were many years before that) has been replaced in the main by laser printers. What will we have in 25 years time? Perhaps no printing at all since it’ll all be on iPad-like devices sooner than we think.

1 thought on “From the Archive: The line printer

  1. Steve Crane

    I used to be a computer operator back in the early 80s and the line printers drove us nuts. The folding and stacking mechanism would often fail and by the time the printer eventually jammed, the hood would be filled with several hundred pages of crumpled fanfold. Such fun to smooth it out and refold.


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