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Raised on the spider’s back

A mud wasp had constructed an incubator for its egg under a towel on a chair on our verandah. I apparently broke it open when I removed the towel. Underneath I found this solitary egg affixed to the back of a spider that mum had paralysed and placed, along with some others, into storage for its progeny.

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  1. jennjmcleod says:

    No! That’s right. I should not have looked at this picture. Yikes. I only came over from Bron Parry’s site earlier tonight (my dream is to follow in her footsteops to publication) but now I’m afraid I’ll have nightmares.
    Honestly – I really do love nature. I live in (rural) Coffs on my own little acre and surrounded by all sorts of critters – the good, the bad and yes , the ugly LOL.

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