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Sydney: Central Station

I’ve always wondered why Sydney’s Central Station is named “central”. It’s really on the edge of the CBD (as it exists today). Perhaps years ago it was indeed more centrally located with respect to the world around it.


  1. Jim Belshaw says:

    Gordon, its called central because it was the central railway station. However, it’s also true that the station was more centrally located them.

    Across the park was the Hotel Sydney, once one of the city’s most fashionable. Just a little down the road was a Department store, now I think the Downing Centre.

    So there was a combination.

  2. Bron says:

    I think it was the only station actually in the city for a while, before they built the underground stations (Museum, Town Hall etc)

    Jim, the department store that is now the Downing Centre was Mark Foy’s, opened in 1909. I love the exterior of that building, with its tile work listing ‘corsets’, ‘costumes’, ‘haberdashery’ ect amongst its wares.

  3. Jim Belshaw says:

    Hi Bron, I too love the outside. And I have even been there in its last day as a store!

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