Ridge-side orchid

While on the side of a ridge in the vicinity of Rowley’s Creek we came across some Greenhood Orchids (Pterostylis sp.). This was a surprise to me as I’d thought they were a spring-flowering plant. But, no, apparently they can flower in both spring and autumn.

Update: A comment from Ken gives me cause to correct my sloppy thinking. I was trying, incorrectly, to fit the entire genus into my idea of when they flower. In reality, depending on the member of Pterostylis sp. (there are over 70 in the genus), and depending on where you are and how the season’s going, you could probably find a greenhood orchid in flower at any time of the year in temperate eastern Australia.

1 thought on “Ridge-side orchid

  1. Ken

    I assume you mean Autumn as well, they are flowering around Sydney at the moment. Flowered this time last year as well, found them while photographing fungi.


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