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The week’s firewood

Once a year I take the chain-saw out and cut enough rounds of wood from fallen timber to last the winter in the small wood fire that we use to heat the house living area. Once a week during winter I take the block-buster to the rounds to split enough wood to last the coming week.

The house is built using passive solar principles (the entire north wall is glass; the sun beams into the sun-room and the concrete slab acts as a heat sink). There’s enough sun during a normal winter’s day to keep the house warm during the day. This wheelbarrow contains all the wood we need to keep the house cosy during the evening for a week.

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  1. JudithK says:

    While I would have to do a 180 degree turn to think of the north wall of my house as being the one that receives sun, I think your climate sounds very attractive and your house is doing a good job.

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