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Penford Australia, Tamworth

I’ve driven past this building, at the side of the New England Highway, Tamworth, tens of times on my way north to Armidale. It’s only now that I know that it’s a processing plant that produces wheat gluten and starch from wheat flour. It’s part of Penford Australia, a subsidiary of the Penford Corporation, USA.

[Updated to correct that fact that I said Penford created *corn* starch from flour. They must be pretty clever if they do that.

Penford does make corn starch but this particular plant produces wheat starch and gluten (amongst other things)]

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  1. Jere W Germany says:

    CORN starch from WHEAT flour? I am a sticker for detail. Do you do TEA when you have DINNER? Just askn’.

    I do enjoy the pictures. Thanks for the good work.

    Jere W Germany will sign anything.

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