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Trim & Co.


Crescent Street doesn’t run along the traditional (approx.) east-west, north-south road grid that defines the older parts of Armidale. Inside, it swings to the north-east from the railway station and heads for the centre of town following the line of the old main road. There are a few hints that this area, being closer to the railway line, was a small business centre in its own right (especially in the heyday of the railway).

From the Armidale Tourism web site (Heritage Drive notes):
“The Trim and Company Store dates from 1881. The store was situated on the former line of the Great Northern Road. The site offered a bulk and produce store, chaff shed, factory, workshop, timber and joinery works. The original veranda of the store has been lost but the building still retains its outstanding parapet. Evidence of the Great Northern Road still survives in the granite boulder blocks forming the gutter on the opposite side of Crescent Street. Note how the buildings of the nearby Hospital are aligned to the original road.”

[Map of the area in question].


  1. JudithK says:

    I’m enjoying this series on Armidale….in fact, I’ve been looking forward to checking your site and have never been disappointed.

  2. Jon Burne says:

    I have always been fascinated by the way Crescent Street is “out of alignment” with the regular grid of Armidale streets. If you click on “Map of the area” link then follow Crescent Street on the Google map to its southerly end at Railway Parade you can see it aligns perfectly with Barry Street on the southern side of the railway. Then if you follow Barry Street it all but runs into Uralla Road.

    Some years ago I saw a map of Armidale made before the building of the Railway in the late 1800s. It appeared to confirm that Crescent and Barry Streets are indeed on the alignment of the original main road into Armidale from the south.

    Alas I cannot remember when and where I saw this old map.

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