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Big Creek in town


A view of the western edge of Armidale’s CBD with the new Centro Shopping Centre in the background. The Dumaresq Creek is usually hidden from view in a man-made channel below eye level. Here the extent of the localised flooding can be seen – Dumaresq Street is hidden underwater.

[Viewed from Kirkwood Street looking south across Harris Park].


  1. Blaine says:

    We used to have retail stores called Woolworths here in the United States, but they all closed about ten years ago. Was interesting to see the old name again. I see that your Woolworth’s is actually a grocery store chain (thank you Wikipedia!).

  2. Phil says:

    Gosh they build shopping centres as ugly buildings! I guess they want you to marvel at what’s inside rather than what’s out. Still, always a shame that views and natural surrounds seem to be forgotten so that the car park looks onto a grand entrance.

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