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Aerie moment


There are a couple of things in photography that challenge me (OK, there maybe several tens of things that challenge me), the dynamic range between light and dark in high contrast shots, and trying to convey the sense of three-dimensionality onto a two dimensional plane.

Here we have a vertical rock face at the edge of a gorge. At the right hand side we see the greenery of trees behind the rock columns giving a reference point to the depth of the shot. I like the range of colour across the rock face as it gives additional interest to the scene.

I especially like the splash of white at the bottom left foreground, under a rock overhang, signalling the home of a bird of prey – we saw and heard some Peregrine Falcons elsewhere that day. Perhaps on a quiet misty night, as we listen to sounds of the stillness, we could think of their home as being an eery airy aerie.

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