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Sodden earth

Sodden earth
It was only last week when parts of this area were re-classified as being in drought. We’ve now had nearly 100 mm (4 inches) of rain in the past few day – twice the monthly average rainfall. The land squelches. Water runs off. Creeks and gullies are flowing. I couldn’t cross the Gara River on the Gara Road because the river was well over the causeway, and flowing strongly.

Here, in the misty rain, Cooney Creek rises out of its bed and passes behind the old cottage.

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  1. Gwenda Williams says:

    This is where I grew up. Dad(Alf Chaffey, prior to this Dad lived at “Applegrove” further down the road past Waters’) worked on the property then called “Morunda”. Between the house and the road dad had built a slab shed and on the side facing the house was a pergola with a grape vine. Had lots of fun as a child living in this house. We left here when about 9 yrs old to live in Armidale.

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