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Opal Altar

Quilpie opal altar

One of the tourist highlights in Quipie is, of all things, the Opal Altar in the Catholic Church. The opal was donated by the local opal miners and is reputed to be worth over $1 million.

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  1. Rod Keady says:

    Beautiful indeed, looks to us like one of Des Burtons Opal wall pieces . These are no longer produced , Des who has passed away , was the pharmacist in Quilpie , went on to be one of the great opal mining companies Quilpie Opals in the 1970’s along with our family who were Mayneside Industries were very responsible for really commercially opening up old shows like the Valdare and Bull Creek . These tables and wall pices are exceptionally rare . Its beautiful …keep it well insured . kind regards
    Rod Keady

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