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More from the hill

Around Quilpie
There’s something quite magical about this photograph – I don’t understand exactly why though. It’s the mix of colours and the the mix of forms (shapes). There’s a mix of softness and harshness at the same time. A balance.

Quilpie and surrounding country
And in the other direction, there’s Quilpie sitting like an oasis in the desert. Habitation in the midst of no habitation.


  1. Carin says:

    Wow, are that normal houses in Quilpie? and is there a supermarket or other shops? Do you have a closer picture of Quilpie and will you please share it? Wouldn’t want to live there for anything on earth. It really looks like the middle of nowhere. Nice pictures though. Thanks for sharing. How far is it from other habitation?

  2. Judith Kirksey says:

    This series on the outback has some wonderful photos and it’s been fascinating….I’ll be sorry when it’s over. Thanks for presenting….

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