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Camping down by the Cooper Creek

4x4 in touring and camping mode

There were several tens of vehicles scattered here and there up and down the Cooper Creek around Innamincka during the the enforced sojourn. Many had camper trailers, some had traditional tents, (some had palatial tents!), others had roof-top camping setups like the one on this Nissan Patrol. The vehicle’s rear seats have been removed to give additional storage space – including space to place a ‘fridge. It looks quite comfy.


  1. Ernie says:

    That is the coolest thing I have ever seen. I want one!! We camp alot more these days and that would be perfect for us if we didn’t have the little ones on our trip. But the more mobile with them the better!

  2. gordon says:

    Hi Carin, I’ve been in Australia too long 🙂 “Comfy” is an Australian slang or informal word for “comfortable”.

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