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Upgraded blog software

I’ve finally upgraded the software that drives this blog. It’s now running WordPress v2.2.

I’m trialing a dark background against which to view the photographs. I’m currently ambivalent about the effect. I’ll leave it there for a while to see how it goes. Let me know if you have a strong emotional reaction to the change 🙂 or if you notice something is broken. Thanks.


  1. John Richards says:

    I like the site design with the black background.
    I also like the photo of the Pelicans. It must have been a beautiful sight.
    John Richards

  2. Jim Belshaw says:

    Not sure, Gordon. I find light on dark hard to read.I think that the contrast helps some photos like the Pelicans, but reduces the impact of others. Cheers Jim Belshaw

  3. Bob Harden says:

    I like the black background but, like Jim, I’m not sure how it will work with all photos. However, I find the much smaller text hard to read so would prefer it to be much larger (2X?). Bob.

  4. Judith Kirksey says:

    I do have a strong emotional reaction to the change….it was quite a jolt to check in with anticipation and confront all that strong contrast and then the difficult to read print. Obviously, I much prefer the other. Meanwhile, I’ve been enjoying this series from your trip very much and will keep looking even though it may be on the dreaded (for me) black background.

  5. Jim Belshaw says:

    Bob, I agree. Judith,you too have had problems. Gordon, recognising the age range (eye sight) that loves your blog, and you have flushed out some of us,it is the combination of the wonderful photos with the short comments that give your blog its world class. I see that you have changed again. Keep experimenting.

    I like the current layout because it is easy. But more to the blog heading. What do others think?

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