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Innamincka Cemetery

I always feel that old cemeteries can tell you a lot about the places you visit.

Innamincka cemetery
Here, under the dark threat of yet more rain, we visited the small cemetery at Innamincka. Only the graves with enduring headstones remain. We can’t tell how many others are interred here with wooden markers long since gone. A high number of markers indicate accidental deaths, drownings, and death in childhood.

Innamincka cemetery and Cooper Creek
In complete contrast, a couple of days later, with a complete change of weather conditions on a clear, very bright morning, I took this photograph from a higher vantage point (from the edge of the airstrip). The small cemetery can be seen overlooking the narrow strip of green that marks the Cooper Creek. Beyond, a huge expanse of nothing.


  1. Phil says:

    Hi Gordon
    Its interesting to see there is a bit of a hill there. I’d got the impression from your last few shots that in fact it was largely flat, especially with the creek that runs in both directions. Also interesting how so many had died in accidents. I wonder if they just got the better headstones than those who had died of old age, probably without much money at that stage of life?

  2. gordon says:


    Both of your statements are correct. The area is largely flat, except for that slight incline that most of us wouldn’t really think of as a hill 🙂 I don’t know how high the “hill” is but we’re talking in the order of 20m rather than 200m.

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