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Strzelecki Creek in flood

Strzelecki Creek in flood

One of Australia’s inland creeks, the Strzelecki Creek, is seen here in flood. That’s something that’s not seen too often.

Here are a couple of interesting facts about the creek, quoted from Heritage of the Birdsville and Strzelecki Tracks – Sections 4-5

“Strzelecki Creek is a channel running about 200km in a generally south-south-westerly direction between a point on Cooper Creek just west of Innamincka, and Lake Blanche.”


“Second, its entire length is located on level ground; no contour lines cross its course across three 1:250,000 mapsheets (Innamincka, Strzelecki and Callabonna). This means that it is capable of flowing both ways. Its ‘normal’ flow is from north to south, as a distributary of Cooper Creek when it is in flood, taking some of the Cooper overflow south, very occasionally all the way to Lake Blanche. Lake Callabonna is also linked with Lake Blanche by the Moppa Collina overflow channel, so in extreme wet conditions the Strzelecki channel links the Cooper water with the combined lake system. However, when there is heavy rain in the northern Flinders Ranges and Lake Blanche fills, Strzelecki Creek can act as an overflow in the other direction, taking lake water north toward the Cooper system.

Both of these events are so rare as to be almost hypothetical. In practice, Strzelecki Creek is a dry watercourse nearly all of the time, punctuated by a string of waterholes.”

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