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Busy sky

Jet contrails in the sky

Multiple contrails in the sky. There were actually four jets in the same small area of sky but I didn’t have a lens wide enough to fit them all in. I don’t recall seeing so many aircraft in the same airspace before.


  1. Yeah living in Sydney I almost never see them. I got some nice shots of a double over Goulburn the other day tho.

    America (and presumably Europe) is good for that sort of thing though – you can be in the middle of nowhere and be under a sky criss-crossed with them…

    I got a triple in the air once too –

  2. Richard Watson says:

    I live on the route from London Heathrow to anywhere North and West of the UK so the sky (when it is clear which is unusual!) is often full of planes, it is not unusual to 10 trails in the sky at one time. At night you can often see the lights of 8 at a time!

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