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Orchid on fig tree root

Orchid on tree root

After leaving Faint’s Mine, and crossing a deep, dry creek bed, we stopped beside a fig tree (it’s feral, they’re not native to this area) for a snack. This orchid, an epiphyte, was growing on the tree’s roots.

[Update: Bob tells me that there are at least 3 species of fig that are found in the gorges: Ficus coronata, F. rubiginosa and F. superba var. henneana].


  1. John Richards says:

    As always I enjoy looking at your site. However tonight I think you have made a mistake. Your orchid looks more like a Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium nidus) a large epiphytic fern.
    John Richards

  2. gordon says:

    Hi John, with respect, my flora and fauna identification sub-commitee met to consider your comment and still believe this to be a member of genus Dendrobium. The leaves are different to those of the ferns we know of in this area, and, more importantly, the local area in question is too dry to support bird’s nest ferns. We will endeavour to revisit the plant in the months to come when there may be flowers to support our position (or not). Gordon.

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