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Green tree snake

Green tree snake

As we headed along the ridge from the Wollomombi Falls section of the Oxley Wild Rivers National Park before heading down to the Chandler River, we came across this Green Tree Snake sunning itself across the track.

These snakes have good eyesight by virtue of their large eyes; they aren’t venomous.


  1. gino says:

    What do tree snakes eat?

  2. Gary Rowan Higgins says:

    In late October, I tugged on what I thought was a vine coming down the track to Dundungra Falls, Barrington Tops National Park, NSW. But…plop! One green tree snake, eyeball-to-eyeball. My friend thought it looked beautiful. Beautiful or not, and with snake jettisoned, I was off into a rapid sprint. Next time you see a jungle vine dangling in front of you, make sure it is just that!

  3. Ian Smith says:

    Just checking out your snake pics. I must have walked past a lot that I haven’t seen and certainly haven’t made the vine mistake! Thanks for sharing.

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