Elkhorn (Platycerium bifurcatum) ferns grow together in a community (as opposed to a staghorn which is just one individual). Elkhorns are epiphytes which mean that they grow on other plants – or, in this case, a large tree.

Elkhorn in tree
This elkhorn community is about 4 metres above the ground and about 2 metres across.

Elkhorn detail
A closeup of the elkhorn “clump”.

2 thoughts on “Elkhorns

  1. Rhondda

    I have a round ball of elkhorns which is not attached to anything. There are about 10-12 plants in the ball. Is it possible to separate these into individual plants and attach them to a tree or a board or……????
    Are they ok in the open or would a shade house be a better place for them
    Thank you

  2. Linda

    Hi Rhonda , I inherited a huge ball of Elks, my father had put a couple in a wire basket, he left them untouched for 15 plus years.
    When I got them , I cried.I had to cut the wire basket and pull the wire through the Elks.
    We ended up with 9 little Elks.I pulled and cut them apart, being very careful of the long fronds.
    I went to flower power and purchased backing boards, they were plastic and made especially for the Elks, you could make them if you are handy.
    I mounted them with stockings and put them into a light saded place.
    2 years later and they are going strong


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