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Black mountain morn

Black mountain morn

I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 900s, over 8 years ago. At the time a lack of digital image post-processing software meant that I never did much with the images from those years. The low resolution of the image, 640×480, also reminds me that 8 years ago, with a memory card of only 8 Mbytes capacity, you didn’t get too many images on a card.

Now, while evaluating Apple’s Aperture image processing software, I took the opportunity to work with some of my older images. I’m extremely happy both with the software, and this example image which was taken at Black Mountain, north of Armidale, all those years ago.

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  1. Hans says:

    – does Aperture up-sample?
    (too lazy to read the whole website)
    I have heaps of old digipix from my rebadged Canon 350 as Panasonic
    – those were the days!

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