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Copperhead day

[Update: Before advising me that these aren’t copperheads, North American visitors should note that these are Australian Copperheads, genus Austrelaps, and read the wikipedia entry for further information].

The trip to Cathedral Rock National Park saw us coming across three Copperhead snakes on and around the tracks. Two of them are pictured here:

Copperhead snake
Copperheads aren’t high on the list of venomous snakes in Australia, but still toxic enough to kill a human.

Copperhead snake
Even though it’s a cool day and the snakes are a little lethargic, we’ll not get in their way.


  1. Cath Nugent says:

    Thank you for this, oh so clear! picture of the kind of fella I met last week at RACV Inverloch resort. It was disturbed as I came to my car, parked alongside our “villa”. This photo depicts the very memorable coppery shimmer on the sides, that had me convinced I wasn’t visited by a Brown snake. So now, I’ve met: tiger, red-bellied black & copperhead. As always, I stood stock still, and let it retreat. Hallelujah!

  2. Fulcher says:

    thanks for the comments and the pictures.and it’s really coincident that we saw the three snake hanging out in Cathedral Rock National Park just a week ago.

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