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Red-bellied black

Black snake

This snake posed patiently while I took several photographs. The red-bellied black snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) is venomous, but not aggressive – that means that if I leave it plenty room to escape it won’t bite! This specimen was about 1.5 metres in length.

[Why does it have a white eye? The camera decided that the flash needed to go off. Many digital photography applications can remove “red-eyeâ€? from humans, but, unfortunately, Photoshop doesn’t have an automated means of removing “white-eyeâ€? from snakes 🙂 ].


  1. excellent shot of this beautiful snake! pity about the “white-eye” – photoshop needs to lift its’ game 🙂

  2. ROB says:

    Nice shot in perfect natural setting, but dont think I would like to get that close to a red-belly. You are more brave than me!

  3. Gary Rowan Higgins says:

    Following snake links, I found this post. My friend who joined me on a walk in the Barrington Tops National Park (Dundungra Falls) photographed one of these (red bellied black snake) as it hurried from one side of the road to the next seeking shade, disappearing silently into the undergrowth. She stopped the car (abrubtly!) and jumped out with (my!) camera. It was a fairly big guy (maybe 1.5m in length) with striking red underbelly.

  4. Alex Prather says:

    I killed one of these thing cause i thought that it was poisionous. I don’t really know if it is or not

  5. Alton Sibley says:

    Is this particular snake found in the USA?
    I saw one of Similar discription in North Carolina.
    Thanks for yor response.

  6. bren says:

    i live in the blue mountains, nsw, australia and i found one less than a metre away from my kitchen sliding door this morning! i am so stoked, because i know they are up the back of the yard, but i had never seen one up this close before. frightened me to death. yes, they are venomous, but they are also protected. i'm a bit worried because i have two inquisitive dogs, but red-bellies are shy and just want to be left alone…they will get out of the way if they possibly can. amazing and beautiful to see it move so fast…i just hope the dogs have the sense to keep away from it…what a magical sight it was…

  7. Ben Schwan says:

    Hi there, i have a red belly black in my yard as we speak. We are on a couple of acres and the snake is about 20 metres away from the front door. It sits under a tree that my wife and i planted not too long ago and has made its self a home by digging himself a hole (right where the loose soil is)under this tree. Now here is the kicker, we planted two of the same tree and the tree with the snake under it is thriving and the other one isn’t doing so well, i guess the snake has gone down to the roots and fertilises it. I think that we will keep him….any thoughts?

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