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Explorers’ marker

UNE Exploration Society marker

The University of New England was the base for a student body known as the ‘Exploration Society’. Its members comprised students and staff of the University (and probably others). It was formed in the early 1960’s, had Sir Edmund Hillary as its patron, and seems to have been around for a decade or so. In 1962 the Society mounted an expedition to North Queensland, and in 1964 staff and students mounted an expedition to Central Australia to study camel physiology. In 1968 the Simpson Desert was a Society research area.

Marker ‘5A’ on the Robinsons Knob Trail in New England National Park is, probably, an indicator of some surveying work they did in the area in the 1960’s. It’s also marked ‘3080’ which would match the altitude in feet above sea level (930m).

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