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Flame tree

Flame tree

We were out and about on Robinsons Knob Trail in New England National Park this weekend. As I don’t take my large camera and telephoto lenses on bushwalks (who needs all that weight) I had to make do with my compact camera and capture this scene as best I could, haze and all.

The photograph shows both the ‘jungle’ look of the rain-forest across the gorge, and, just below the centre of the image, a Flame Tree (Brachychiton). These trees certainly stand out from the rest at this time of year.

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  1. Terry Q says:


    Could This may be a shot of Red Gold, cedar? all but cut and sawn and nearly gone.

    Do you have any shots of impenetrable rain forest I could use to illustrate the early chapters of my family history 1840s?

    Maybe Flame trees were in the Cedar Jungles of the Illawarra?

    Avery timely shot. A blooming Cedar stood out for the timber cutters

    Terry Quinn

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