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Grass tree flower

Grass tree in flower

I’ve posted a few photographs of grass trees previously. This one, though, is the first I’ve seen freshly in flower (as opposed to having an old, dry flower spike).


  1. these are one of my fav plants – nice to see the newly blossomed flower spike!

  2. Les Collingburn says:

    These plants are called YAKAS and are predominately found in sandy soil you will find them on the Victorian South Australian Border north and south of Bordertown and Kaniva. They are considered a nuisance in farmland. Hence the reason for the ( YAKA GRUBER ) Found in most little desert hardware stores.

    [Edit by Gordon: The word “yakka” is another name for a Grass Tree – mostly local to Victoria and South Australia]

  3. Carol says:

    Usually they are called Blackboys…and worth a huge amount of money $50-200+ depending on the height!… in the nurserys… I’ve never seen them called Yakka before.
    What a shame farmers see them as a nuisance! They are my favourite plants!
    Cheers Carol

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