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In the Styx

In the Styx

A grand day out! Bob, Kerry and I went bushwalking along, and in, the Styx River yesterday. This photograph has me standing in the river, looking upstream.

I felt that after walking 14 km, wading across the river 14 times, and 600m of ascent, the post-walk coffee and chocolate biscuits were well deserved.


  1. calvin says:

    Styx river is crystal clear river – remain unpolluted, even though Australia is far more developed than my own country Malaysia. I wish someday, to share some of the destruction and the pollution cause by massive logging activities near my longhouses. Greedy people is taking away our forest and giving us nothing in return except the pollution, poverty and threatening our future.

  2. Richard Watson says:

    Sounds horrible Calvin. One problem that you have in Malaysia is the population compared to Australia. The pollution in KL is very bad, I haven’t been anywhere in the Australian Cities where it is anywhere near as bad.

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