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Mount Grenfell Rock Art

[We’re two weeks into our Grand Outback Tour and are now only a little over a day from home].

Mt. Grenfell - rock art

About 70 km north-west of Cobar we stop to visit the Mount Grenfell Historic Site. This location, where the Ngiyampaa Wangaaypuwan people used the rock overhangs as shelters, is a significant Aboriginal rock art site. The rock faces under the overhangs are covered with paintings made with animal fats mixed with ochres of different colours.

Mount Grenfell - rock art

It is believed that, while the original paintings were made in the order of 4000 years ago, the most recent were made only 200 years ago.

[I’ve post-processed the images to increase the contrast and accentuate the colours in order to highlight the art].

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  1. JudithK says:

    Have greatly enjoyed this series from your travels – thanks!

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