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Ochre pit

Ochre pit

A few kilometres north of Lyndhurst, South Australia, lies a valuable resource, … ochre. Ochre is used by Australian Aborigines and was a valuable commodity used in trade. This ochre pit is huge – I can’t begin to imagine how many hundreds, or thousands, of years it’s taken to quarry the ochre from this area by hand.

Ochre, when mixed with animal fat, was used to decorate the body and “paint� on rock. This particular pit has cream, yellow and red ochres.

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  1. Bjo Trimble says:

    As a long-time rockhound, desert rat, and artist who likes to make her own art materials, I have always been fascinated by the amazing colors found in Australia. An as-yet-unrealized goal is to collect colors from your deserts. Someday….

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