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Old Mulka ruins

Edith Scobie grave

George Aiston, formerly policeman at Mungerannie, bought the store at Mulka around 1923. There’s nothing else in the vicinity – just the store/dwelling and, probably, some outhouses. He died in 1943 and his wife ran the store until 1952.

The “store”, a mere 50 years on, is but a pile of rubble in the midst of nothingness. The vast majority of us don’t really know such isolation these days. The photograph shows the grave of Edith Scobie. I chose to take the photograph from where I did to illustrate the view from the store. How did the white settlers view the large amounts of space, large amounts of nothing, the extremes of climate, the loneliness? Did Edith feel lonely?

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  1. Kim Bloody Wilson says:

    wow – what a cool photo…

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