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Birdsville Hotel

Birdsville Hotel

The last westwards hop takes us to Birdsville. This must be the most photographed object in Birdsville – the pub. I can attest, though, to the fact that both the beer and food are good.

Birdsville’s population is about 120 in the tourist season (winter) where the daily temperature ranges form a minimum of 2 deg C to a maximum of 20 deg C (36 to 68 deg F). Summer, on the other hand, sees the population drop to around 60 – no doubt the day’s temperature range at that time has something to do with that – it’s 32 overnight, to 48 deg C at peak during the day (90 to 118 deg F).

Things we take for granted, like mobile (cell) phones and daily newspapers, are not to be expected in places like this. Birdsville’s supplies arrive by road train fortnightly.

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  1. Jessie says:

    hey im Jess and i work at the birdsville pub.
    I’ve been here since early june and i have loved every minute of it!
    I work in front bar mainly and that is because i love talking to all the tourist and locals.
    This experience of working and living in the outback so far away from everything has made me a better person because befor i came out here i couldnt leave home without my mobile phone and now i only use it for an alarm in the morning, i never wanted a full time job and now when i get home if i dont have at least 5 day a week job i think ill be bored to death and i used to sit home on my butt and watch tv alll day now i hardly ever watch it! even on my day off.
    I will be here till the end of september and then will be heading home….
    it will be really sad to leave coz it feels like ive been here forever and jo and kym are the best people i have ever worked for.
    It will also be really sad to leave the friends i have made in the town and at work.

    Well thank you to whoever read my comment
    hope to see you at the place that has changed my life


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