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There have been a larger than previously seen number of funghi of various types of late. Presumably this is due to the warm, moist, post-rain weather we’ve had recently. I’m not familiar enough with them to know which are edible, and which are not – so I’ll just leave them to the wildlife to take advantage of.


  1. Richard Watson says:

    That leaf had me fooled for a second! I thought the shadow of the stem was another tentacle and that I was looking at a snail about to start breakfast 🙂

  2. julia brotherton says:

    Please where culd I get a chart o book of Australian funghi to show children?

  3. alex says:

    Hi I live in the Northern Territory and have spotted some intersesting funghi in the back yard and was wondering if you could help me with identification?! Basically the stem is capped on either side by regular looking mushroom caps but on the end under the ground there is an orange net like veil.Once the above cap has pushed through the ground the total length of the funghi is about 15-20cm long.I hope this is enough to start on and look forward eagerly to your reply.Guess it would be too much to hope they were edible!!! Cheers Alexandra.

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