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Internet via satellite

Satellite dish for internet link

Bearing in mind that the tag-line of this photo-journal is “A pictorial journal of life in rural Australia�, this photograph records the momentous occasion whereby we are now connected to the world with a faster-than-dialup-modem link for the first time. Given that much of rural Australia suffers from a less than optimal communications infrastructure (we, for example, have no telephone-company copper wire within several kilometres of the house), such a satellite connection is a boon for those in such circumstances.

The satellite link speed is 512 kbit/s down and 128 kbit/s up; this is quite comparable to many ADSL network connections found in better connected locations (although satellite links are more expensive by comparison). It’s not really of use for quality voice communications, though, given the huge distance that data has to travel to get to the satellite and then back to the ground.

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