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Nikon D70 BGLoD

Having just turned two years old, my Nikon D70 camera now seems to be suffering from the affliction known to other Nikon D70 owners as BGLoD – the Blinking Green Light of Death. Apparently, early model D70’s suffer from a problem which, although known to Nikon, hasn’t caused them to issue a product recall notice (as they did with dodgy batteries).

I’ll have to send my poor, sick D70 off the the menders with the expectation (or perhaps the hope) that they’ll repair it as no cost (based on Nikon’s acknowledgment of this problem, and their repairing other D70’s at no cost).

I’ll now brush the dust off my older Coolpix 5700 and give it an airing over the next few weeks.

The purpose of this long-winded note is just to apologise for no recent photo updates 🙂


  1. E2000 says:

    I just had my daughters first dance program. I get to the function, and I am getting this blinking green light. Thank goodness for blogs like this one. Now I know that I am not alone. Pray that I can get it fixed for free. Cost a small fortune, and eventhough I’ve been able to make some small change with it thus far, I would like for the camera to be problem free as much as I take special care of it. Going to WOLF 2morrow.

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