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Armidale and District Show 2006: Flying high

Flying through the air

I felt that the sideshows at this year’s Armidale Show were better attended by the show folk. The stalls in sideshow alley were many and varied. I didn’t risk my stomach, though, by sampling any of the food on offer, neither did I test my stomach’s ability to hold anything down by trying out any of the rides – especially those that required you to leave the ground.

This photograph, having been taken with a 300mm lens, hides the fact that the strong-stomached ones are about 20m (65ft) above the ground, and rotating at speed. I might add that it was a challenge in itself to keep them in the frame as they rotated around the pivot point.

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  1. ROB says:

    Brilliant shot. The colour in the sky is incredible and of cause the frozen action of limbs are perfect too. I can hear the screams through your lens.

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