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Red shed 2

Red shed 2

I do seem to have been overdosing on rural landscapes of late but this summer season has been so gorgeous that I can justify it to myself (this is, effectively, my back yard after all). Another red shed on the same stretch of road as one previously posted . The low, late, filtered evening light adds a soft yellow light to the image.

As an aside, the heat has returned over the past few days with a maximum of 36 degC (97 degF) at the house today, with the highest temperature in the state being 47 degC (117 degF). Given that it hasn’t rained for a while now, this may signal the last of the green tinge to the landscape. Browns may now be the order of the day.

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  1. David Hurt says:

    No overdosing here. I love your photos of rural Australia — keep posting them. I’m a resident of North Carolina, U.S.A., and enjoy seeing the images of the landscape there.

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